What we believe.

At RAWE, we believe aromatherapy is the ultimate tool for relaxation, helping you feel calm and grounded in today’s chaotic world. A soothing scent not only smells lovely, but has the power to instantly create an atmosphere that promotes peace, safety, and deep relaxation. Our naturally-scented products are the perfect antidote to stress and worry, transforming any space into a tranquil oasis.

Owner of RAWE Sugar Co. Rachyeta Singh

What we make.

The idea for RAWE was sparked in 2017 by finding a way to de-stress from the pressure and strain of corporate London life. Dismayed by her inability to find natural, affordable options, she took matters into her own hands, creating all-natural wax melts that looked and smelled absolutely delicious. Ever since the creation of her signature product, Rachyeta has made it her mission to share the stress-relieving benefits of wax melts and her portfolio of products with others. RAWE’s wax melts have since grown to become a popular relaxation tool for customers across the UK.

Making Wax Melts

How we do it.

At RAWE, all of our products are handcrafted with your health and safety in mind. Created with all-natural wax and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, you can use these soothing treats with complete peace of mind.

We invite you to get lost in a sensory experience, release your stress and worry, and heal your spirit with our deliciously-scented wax melts, pulse rollers, candles and more.

Blending Essential Oils

Thank you for stopping by and shopping our collection of soy wax melts and other relaxation products. We hope they provide you with the serenity you need.

Please get in touch with us for feedback or to reach out on hello@rawesugar.co.uk.