Why Buy Handmade and Local

Why Buy Handmade and Local

There’s a huge variety of goods available at your fingertips, anytime you need to make a purchase. Whether you want a new jumper, a bar of soap, or something to spruce up your home - you can find it all online. If you’re shopping with major retailers like Amazon, you’ll find mass-produced, cheaper products. 

On the other hand, you also have the option to buy alternative products that are handmade in your own local community. In a world where you can easily get commercially produced products - why buy local? There are a ton of great reasons ...

Supporting the Local Economy

Buying a handmade, local item can instil a sense of community. You get to speak with the person who made it or their employees. As well as see the people you’re supporting with your purchase, this can give you a feeling of camaraderie.

Plus, you can learn more about the work it took to create the item, which makes it even more valuable. You’re also keeping your hard earned money within your community. That money supports the local economy, bringing more industry and jobs to your area. You can even pick and choose what causes you want to support. For example, you can shop at a female-owned business to support women. 

Good for the Environment

Handmade items are created in small batches, typically in small-scale studios. In comparison, big factories require a ton of natural resources to produce items on a much larger scale, creating far more greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, manufacturing accounts for one-fifth of all carbon emissions worldwide, using 54% of global energy sources.

Plus, manufacturers then ship those items all around the world, creating even more emissions. Meanwhile, handmade items stay within the local region, using far less energy to get to you.

Every Piece is Unique

When you purchase handmade, you can rest assured that the maker’s heart and soul goes into every product produced. Thanks to that human touch, each item gets a little bit of distinctive flair, so you get something entirely unique. The maker also personally checks that each item is of excellent quality while they’re working. Each item gets a seal of approval before it reaches you.

A Story Behind Each Product

When you shop for handmade items within your local community, you get a much richer experience. Shopkeepers and their employees will ensure you get the best customer service and a warm, comfortable environment. They take much joy and pride in the items they sell, and they’re happy to tell you all about the story behind each piece. 

At the end of the day, handmade products are made by real people. When you buy handmade goods, you support makers and their families. You uplift small businesses. Purchasing from a small business has a much bigger impact than buying a mass-produced item.

Want to shop handmade and buy directly from makers? RAWE Sugar Co. is a female-owned business the UK. All of our items are handmade with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils and all-natural wax. Our heart and soul really does go into every product produced, and we personally ensure that each item gets a quality seal of approval before it reaches your hands. Read more about our story here.
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