Benefits of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils, like a prism, contains a rainbow of possibilities and endless facets. These precious living plants that surround us, provide us with these natural ointments that operate effectively not only on a cellular, physical level but also on emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic areas of our lives.

Plants have superpowers.

There is nothing lightweight about essential oils, though they are sweet smelling, they are incredibly powerful and are known for their benefits from managing pain, improving sleep, treating headaches and migraines, fighting bacteria, improving digestion, and boosting immunity. As well as a host of improving mental wellbeing.

There are around 300 essential oils available today on the market, but each oil will have their own individual benefits. It is the power of our senses that trigger emotions and feelings within our bodies – this is what essential oils can also benefit. Examples of this can be lavender which brings calm, relaxation and relieves stress or lemon which can greatly help with focus and concentration.

Aromatherapy - the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes.

People who use essential oils on a regular basis say they can’t do without them. And those new to aromatherapy wonder how they got this far without them. We can incorporate essential oils into our daily routine easily – whether it’s a few drops in the bath, in a room spray, massage oil, wax melts or diffusers.

Essential oils work in two main ways: by entering the body via the skin (diluted with a carrier oil), and via the lining of the lungs through inhalation (diffuser, wax melts, room sprays). The active components of the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and spread their therapeutic properties throughout the body.

Many use essential oils as a welcome escape from their everyday environments, to create an oasis at home after a long day to relax and unwind. Our memory systems can build healthy relaxation practices by remembering that certain scents make us feel happy and calm. Thus smelling that scent in the future can trigger these feelings when in need.

Essential oils have been around a long time, Coca-Cola invented in 1886, included the essential oils of orange, lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and neroli and chewing gum would never have made it off the ground without peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

Today, aromatherapy, essential oils, holistic therapies, whichever way you want to describe it, has an increasingly important place in our worlds as the pace of life speeds ahead. There is a yearning of pressing the pause button and benefiting from aromatherapy now, rather than needing it to cure an ailment when it is too late.

Please note: Essential oils can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Do not apply directly to the skin without a carrier oil to distil its potency, or without doing a patch testing on your skin first. Do not add them to any food or drink without consulting an expert first. If you are unsure about using any of them, please speak to your doctor.

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