An Aromatherapist’s Guide to Better Sleep

An Aromatherapist’s Guide to Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial for our health. Why not let nature’s wonders help you get some blissful shut eye.

Sleep is so powerful to our body’s self healing, that without it in the short term we feel a lack of alertness, impared memory, causing stress on relationships and affecting our moods. But in the long term its effects are more serious, for example risk of heart disease, cancer and obesity to name a few. Science shows us that our bodies continue to heal during sleep – who doesn’t want a stronger immune system, balanced hormones, lower blood pressure and improved glucose tolerance. (Me!)

A good night’s sleep can remedy the mind and body in powerful ways, but many of us struggle with getting the appropriate amount of zzzz’s each night. And good sleep is just as important as having a good diet and regular exercise.

You probably already know those tried and tested tips on no caffeine before bed, keeping devices out of the bedroom and having an early meal in the evening… Well – if those haven’t worked, then we have some alternative, some might say ‘holistic’ ways you can ooze in relaxation for a better sleep.

Om! Meditation

My first go to for sleepless nights is meditation. Doing some conscious breathwork really focuses the mind, lowers the heart rate and slows the breathing. You can do this easily, by lying flat, relaxing your body and counting your breathing from 1 to 3 as you inhale and the same as you exhale. Don’t worry about trying to empty your mind completely, acknowledge the thoughts you are having, but set them aside as you continue coming back to counting your breathing. You can try saying affirmations as you breathe if your mind still wanders on tomorrow’s emails or todo lists.

Essential oils

Plants have superpowers. These gorgeous plants have natural properties in their oils which can do everything from relaxation, altering our moods to stimulating alertness. Lavender is the most well known natural sleep aid. It can be inhaled, applied as a roller, a few drops in a bath before bed, even spray some on your pillow at night. I would definitely recommend the SLEEP Pulse Roller by RAWE Sugar. It is 100% natural and made from Rose, Geranium and Lavender for a delightful sleep therapy.

Hz! Binaural Beats

There are times when I just can’t get certain things out of my head and so meditation doesn’t work because I can’t focus. I found out about binaural beats recently, which are sound frequencies that work as an auditory illusion on our minds. Studies have shown that they induce the same state as meditation practice, but more quickly. You can find these music files on any music sharing app or on youtube and the binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) range have been associated with deep sleep and relaxation. 

Mm! Soak in a Bath

To get a good night’s sleep, did you know that we need our body temperature to be lowered? And having a warm bath 90 minutes before bed can help change the body’s core temperature, so that it is lowered signaling to the body it’s time for bed. Why not indulge in RAWE Sugar’s Unwind Natural Bath Salts, they are made with Epsom salts which relaxes muscles, and has a heady scent of Lavender and Peppermint which help to aid in relaxation. Why not light a few candles and put on some soothing music. All that is left to do is lay back and enjoy the amazing scent and all-natural ingredients working around you.

Burning Incense 

Depending on how you feel about incense, it is a similar way of permeating your home with beautiful essential oils that can act as a natural sedative. Certain scents as we discovered earlier such as lavender can have a soothing effect which helps us to sleep quicker and spend longer in a deep sleep state. RAWE sugar has Lavender & Clary Sage incense sticks, individually hand dipped for a richer smell. This floral and fresh blend is ideal for relaxation at home, combatting stress and fatigue and lowering anxiety. Relish in the tranquil aromas that this ancient fragrance has to offer.

These five easy tips are a sure way of helping you find the best methods of getting those deliciously snug nights. Give them a go and feel the benefits.

*The contents of this article should not be considered medical advice. Please ask your doctor or practitioner prior to implementing essential oils into your treatment plan.

As featured in Wellbeing Magazine here.

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